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Mymensingh District
Mymensingh is one of the districts of Dhaka division, Bangladesh, and is bordered on the north by Meghalaya state of India and Garo Hills, on the south by Gazipur district, on the east by districts of Netrokona and Kishoreganj, and on the west by districts of Sherpur, Jamalpur and Tangail. Mymensingh town is the district headquarters.

The district covers an area of around 4363 square kilometers, with several small valleys between high forests. The temperature ranges from 33 degrees to 12 degrees Celsius, and the annual rainfall averages 2174 mm
Total Population 4,439,017
Male 50.62%
Female 49.38%
Muslim 94.73%
Hindu 4.25%
Christian 0.75%
Buddhist 0.06%
Aboriginal 0.89%
Others 0.21%

Maimansingh, a district of British India, is in the Dacca division of Eastern Bengal and Assam. It occupies a portion of the alluvial valley of the Brahmaputra east of the main channel (called the Jamuna) and north of Dacca. The administrative headquarters are at Nasirabad, usually called Mymensingh town. Area, 6332 sq mi Pop. (1901) 3,915,068, showing an increase of 12.8% in the decade. The district is for the most part level and open, covered with well-cultivated fields, and intersected by numerous rivers. The Madhupur jungle is a slightly elevated tract, extending from the north of Dacca district into the heart of Mymensingh; its average height is about 60 ft above the level of the surrounding country, and it nowhere exceeds 100 ft. The jungle contains abundance of sal, valuable both as timber and charcoal. The only other elevated tract in the district is on the southern border, where the Susang hills rise. They are for the most part covered with thick thorny jungle, but in parts are barren and rocky. The Jamuna forms the western boundary of Mymensingh for a course of 94 m. It is navigable for large boats throughout the year; and during the rainy season it expands in many places to 5 or 6 m in breadth. The Brahmaputra enters Mymensingh at its north-western corner near Karaibari, and flows south-east and south until it joins the Meghna a little below Bhairab Bazar. The gradual formation of chars and bars of sand in the upper part of its course has diverted the main volume of water into the present channel of the Jamuna, which has in consequence become of much more importance than the Brahmaputra proper. The Meghna only flows for a short distance through the south-east portion of the district, the eastern and south-eastern parts of which abound in marshes. The staple crops, of the country are rice, jute and oil-seeds. A branch line of the Eastern Bengal railway runs north from Dacca through Nasirabad, etc, to the Jamuna.

Mymensingh district was established in 1787, which was later on reorganized into six districts, namely, Tangail, Jamalpur, Kishoreganj, Sherpur, Netrokona, and Mymensingh. Currently, Mymensingh district has eight municipalities and twelve Upzillas. The municipalities are: Bhaluka, Gaffargaon, Gauripur, Ishwarganj, Mymensingh Sadar, Nandail, Muktagachha, and Trishal. The twelve upzillas are: Bhaluka, Dhobaura, Fulbaria, Gaffargaon, Gauripur, Halughat, Ishwarganj, Mymensingh Sadar, Muktagachha, Nandail, Phulpur and Trishal.
Subdistrict name Area (square kilometer) Population 1 Bhaluka 444.05 264991 2 Trishal 338.98 336797 3 Haluaghat 356.07 242339 4 Muktagachha 314.71 321759 5 Dhobaura 251.05 157027 6 Fulbaria 402 345283 7 Gaffargaon 401.16 379803 8 Gauripur 374.07 247945 9 Ishwarganj 286.19 306977 10 Mymensingh Sadar 388.45 566368 11 Nandail 326.13 328847 12 Phulpur 580.21 459046


Mymensingh town, earlier known as Nasirabad, is placed on the west bank of Brahmaputra River. The population is around 225,811 and the literacy rate is about 65%. Having Bangladesh Agricultural University, huge bridge on Brahmaputra river, 2 medical colleges(Mymensingh Medical College, Community Based Medical College), 8 high schools, Raj bari, natural beauty of farm lands, etc., Mymensingh is one of the best places for living and educating children in Bangladesh. Due to very few number of fuel run vehicles, sound pollution and air pollution is very low. Also, it is one of the best towns in Bangladesh to educate child up to grade ten. There is no public boys college in Mymensingh town; however, every years lots of students from this town get admission in different universities and medical college in Bangladesh.
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